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A few points about me, who I am, what I do and how I can help you - just to safe your time

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer, solve problems with created software solutions and realize dreams.

Tech Enthusiast

Tech is my passion and in my opinion it allows us more possibilities than the last 100 years combined. Let's use it!

Tech Mentor

Fall, get up, learn, repeat. I help others as a partner not to make the same mistakes as I did and thus to use their full potential.

Automation specialist

There are recurring tasks in business and life. I automate recurring tasks and processes, because automation is 100% profit.

Project Manager

Analyze, explore dependencies, explain risks, define tasks, share visions and stay cool under pressure. I love it!

Tech Trainer

As a certified trainer (AEVO) I train the next generation in software engineering, DevOps, data and process analysis.

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